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Back On The Air for this evening


We will be off the air for a period of time on Monday as we continue working on upgrades in broadcast technology

Antenna Going Up!

What a ground crew….

Tower Work

Look closely-there is someone climbing our tower-that’s why we have to be off the air.

Picture 006 Picture 008


The work has started

KROS had to sign off the air to make some upgrades-this new antenna is one of them – built by Tommy Messerli, Dave Vickers, Paul Clark, Gary Determan & Jennifer Sparlin

Picture 004 Picture 001 Picture 003
Picture 003 Picture 005

KROS RADIO is preparing to make some upgrades to our service and to do that will have to be off the air for certain periods of time Sunday and Monday. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are making these improvements to better serve you and the community.
We’ll keep you update on the progress of the work on our web page, our Facebook page and on our Twitter feed.

Thanks for your support and we’ll work as efficiently as possible to keep the time KROS is off-the-air to a minimum.