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If you missed it on-the-air you can listen the MidDayReport newscast-the middle school dress code is one of the stories

Library Director Brad Wiles

Brad Wiles has been working at the Clinton Library for about a year and was recently named the new director.  Learn more about Brad Wiles in this interview from our FYI Show today.

Middle School Dress Code Input Meeting

Input and ideas were gathered last night on ways to compromise on a dress code for the Clinton Middle Schools that has erupted into an issue since the start of the school year.

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Late day Tuesday newscast

Listen to this newscast for stories on a police incident involving a lock down at the hospital, turning Washington/Jefferson into apartments & middle school dress code and more

Clinton Police media release on an incident involving an individual with ‘violent thoughts’ (link included to official statement)

Clinton Police were involved with an individual overnight and this morning that claimed to be having violent thoughts.

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