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The KROS AM transmitter suffered a catastrophic failure overnight. Parts have been ordered and we hope to be back up in the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience. You can continue to hear all KROS programming right now on FM 105.9, if you have not yet made the switch, give it a try.

A Camanche teacher is this year’s ‘Teacher On The Trail’ of the Iditarod- or sled dog race across Alaska.

Middle School Teacher Erin Montgomery was selected earlier this year to work during the race to help educate students across the country.Learn more about her efforts in this interview and link to blog post.

Latest Blog from Erin Montgomery: The Coat

Clinton Area Ties Record Low

The Clinton area tied the record low of 9 degrees below zero for February 23rd also reached back in 1910. » Read more..

Meetings this week

The Clinton City Council meets for a budget session and a business session this week and the Fulton Council meets. “Read more” for the details on the meetings of various government groups and other items this week.

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Clinton School District Superintendent Deb Olson distributes a letter about proposed budget reductions that will is going home to parents of students and made it available to the public-you can read it here

You can read a letter that will be sent home with Clinton School District elementary students this week and that appears on the front page of our website. ‘Read more’ for a link to the letter about the budget cuts

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