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How much snow did we get


Today’s precipitation is the first precipitation since March 3rd. » Read more..

Tentative schedule of governmental meetings this week

The Clinton School Board & City Council meet this week

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School Notebook

In the latest edition you can listen to CHS Principal JR Kuch discuss bringing real world situations into the classroom

Link: School Notebook

Legislative Review

Legislative Review is normally heard weekends at 12:30 PM, however, this weekends show was preempted for our NCAA Coverage. You can listen to the show below as area Representatives Norlin Mommsen and Mary Wolfe discuss the issues from this past week in the Iowa Legislature.

Iowa Watch

“Graffiti”–Is graffiti a form of vandalism…a form of art…or both at the same time? Graffiti has been transformed from simply writing a name on a wall, to a cultural phenomenon with competitive aspects.Click play t listen-

The Iowa Watch Program is typically heard at 5:30 Friday evening and 5:30 Saturday morning