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Clinton Mayor issues announcement that councilmember has resigned to take seat on County Board

Preparing to take a seat at the Clinton County Board meeting – Tom Determann has now resigned his Clinton City Council seat. » Read more..

Amazon to start charging 6% Iowa sales tax on 1/1/17

story via Radio Iowa

Iowans who shop online using Amazon will have to pay more, starting today. The popular website will begin charging the six-percent Iowa sales tax as of January 1st.

» Read more..

Clinton City Assessor resigns

Clinton City Assessor John Moreland has submitted his resignation letter to the Conference Board.  That resignation is effective November 30 – 2017. » Read more..

Learn more about Clinton Herald Associate Editor Scott Levine

Scott Levine was the guest on a recent KROS interview program-listen to the entire conversation

Camanche City Officials

Listen to Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida and Mayor Trevor Willis discuss a variety of topics about the community.

Clinton PD looks into reports of credit card ‘skimmers’ but doesn’t find any evidence of use of the devices

Clinton Police have been checking into social media reports about credit card skimmers on the pumps at a local retailer and their credit cards being compromised.  Skimmers are attachments that record your card information when you swipe or insert your card. » Read more..

Study: Diabetes rates are rising in dogs

About one in three Iowans is obese and it’s no coincidence more of our pets are also getting hefty.  A new report says the number of dogs with diabetes has more than tripled in the past 30 years. » Read more..