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Historian searches for relatives of those involved in ‘Bellevue War’ (artist sketches included)


From Radio Iowa By Matt Kelley

Six years before Iowa became a state, there was a wild west-style gunbattle on Main Street in what’s now the eastern Iowa town of Bellevue along the Mississippi River.

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2014 Bridal Fair Diamond Dig video

Here’s your chance to see the ‘Diamond Dig’ in action-here.

Thanks to T2 Productions

Bridal Fair 2014 Diamond Dig


Ready – Set




Keep Looking


Keep Looking


She found the prize-the diamond winner, Angie Petersen

Bridal Fair Diamond Dig 2014

This is what’s left after they get through


Clinton FD helps handle a chemical spill at local company

A haz-mat team from Davenport was called yesterday to ADM due to the spill of a chemical in the lab.

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Clinton County Community Development Association Grants

The Clinton County Development Association has announced the awardees for the Fund B Grants. Total grants awarded is $329,324.  Check on all the awards by checking ‘more.’

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