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House District 98


Clinton area Iowa House Representative Mary Wolfe is not facing a re-election challenge-but she discussed some of the issues in this KROS FORUM-listen here, if you missed it on-the-air:

Clinton County Supervisor Forum

Candiates Shawn Hamerlinck, Gayle Dolan & Dan Srp discussed a variety of issues in the forum on KROS – candidate Jim West was ill and not able to attend the forum.  Listen here

Plumbing leak in the 140’s wing at CHS causes school cancelation

Statement from Superintendent Deb Olson on the situation at Clinton High School

The flooding was caused by a pinhole link in a piece of galvanized 3/4″ water supply pipe that serves all of CHS. Gregg Cornilsen, Plant Services Director, estimates that this leak occurred either late Sunday afternoon or early evening based on the amount of water in the hallway of the school (approximately 1/4 – 1/2″).

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County Board learns about climate change & discuss access for voting early at Administration Building

The Clinton County Supervisors got a lesson in global warming at their meeting today. Clinton County resident Wayne Bott scheduled time on the agenda to make a presentation about climate change. He’s been before the board on another occasion to discuss the issue.  (link to video show to the board included)

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Tentative schedule of governmental meetings this week

The County Board, Clinton School Board & Clinton City Council will be meeting this week.

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