Paul Berger and Diana Lassen to Exhibit at River Arts Center


Fort Collins, Colorado, artist Paul Berger, will be bringing his photography  to be on display from June 8 through July 27 at the River Arts Center, 229-5th Ave. So. in   Clinton.  With Berger, who is formerly of Clinton, will be Diana Lassen, fiber artist, a long-time friend of his.

Paul Berger has been capturing images with a camera for over thirty-five years.  Thanks to a wide range of mentors and hours of experimentation, Paul’s photographs display a unique blend of technical craft and artistic composition.  His images show that even ordinary objects or scenes can appear extraordinary when the light is right.  A pursuit of uncommon light and scenes makes Colorado an ideal base camp, where visual inspiration is always near.

Lassen was taught to knit by a friend in college and has since read books, taken classes and done online tutorials to learn new techniques.  She began by knitting cable, intarsia, and textured sweaters.  Yarn in the 60′s and 70′s was pretty basic with only four weights in cotton, acrylic, and wool.  In the 90′s, more yarns became available in this area.  Travel offers her the chance to discover more yarns, and many indie dyers make yarns that she selects for color and texture.  She then lets the yarn tell her what it wants to be.

We are pleased to offer this exhibit for the public to enjoy.  Our gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 1-4 PM and by appointment for tours and group meetings.