Men’s Day

The annual KROS Men’s Day is Friday January 29th. Listen as area business men and civic leaders take over the airwaves from 7:30 am to 5 pm. You’ll find out about them and their businesses and they will also make their Super Bowl pick.

Men’s Day Schedule:

7:30 am, Mike Brown from the Clinton Fire Department.  FB

8:00 am, Bill Michelsen from Rastrelli’s Restaurant.  WS  FB

8:30 am, Nathan Billany from Sterling Federal.  WS  FB

9:00 am, Dr. Mark Schroeder from ISU Extension Service.  WS  FB

9:30 am, Dan, Colin & Terry Sullivan from Adcraft USA.  WS  FB

10:00 am, Mike Goddard from Lemke Funeral Home.  WS

10:30 am, Rob Cassidy from Paul’s Discount.  WS  FB

11:00 am, Tim Wright from Wagner Pharmacy.  WS

11:30 am, Greg Farwell from Citizen’s First Bank.  WS

12:00 pm, Mid-day news with Dave Vickers

12:30 pm, Homespun Lane with Gene Dymkowski

1:00 pm, David Nelson from Nelson Corp. Wealth Management.  WS  FB

1:30 pm, Ryan Welsh & Christopher Legal from Clinton Community College.  WS  FB

2:00 pm, Alex Swartz & Tyler Ohman from the Clinton Baseball Club.  WS  FB

2:30 pm, Colby Trotter from Village Inn.  WS  FB

3:00 pm, Dr. Robert Picchiotti & Dr. Edwardo Marquez from Clinton Core Chiropractic.  WS  FB

3:30 pm, Mark Kilburg from Preston Telephone Company.  WS  FB

4:00 pm, Mike Price from Lighthouse Travel.  WS  FB

4:30 pm, Dr. Jon Potter from Medical Associates.  WS  FB

WS = Link to Business Website.

FB = Link to Business Facebook Page.