Late Day Monday Newscast

If you missed it on-the-air you can listen to a late day Monday newscast with information on the new Fire Dept. Rescue Boat and more.  Clinton the start button to listen.

New Clinton Fire Dept. Rescue Boat has arrived

Clinton Fire Dept Rescure BoatClick links to see the boat in action

Clinton Fire Dept Boat on the river

Clinton Fire Dept Rescure Boat-fog spray fire fighting

Fire Dept Rescue Boat on the river

Listen to the news as Fire Chief Mike Brown explains that no general fund money was used on the purchase and no overtime is used for training

Candidate Forums are available if you want to listen to any of them

If you missed any of our candidate conversations-you can listen to them on the ‘Podcast Page”

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False Alarm at school

Statement from Clinton School Superintendent Deb Olson:

At approximately 8:05 AM, a fire alarm was activated at the north Middle School Campus(Lyons) and the building was vacated. Fire trucks responded and the fire personnel determined that the alarm was caused by a faulty sensor. All students were back in the building by 8:30 AM. We are extremely thankful in having such an active response to an emergency.

FYI Program

On today’s show the topic was the upcoming program “Where The Lincoln Road Meets The Mississippi: A Conference On Industry, Commerce and Community in the Iowa-Illinois Gateway Area, 1835-present.  Learn more about the local collaborative effort0-if you missed it on-the air