650th River City Sports Review Program

Gary Determan hosted his 650th River City Sports Review Show Wednesday evening.  Long time CHS Coach and long-time guest on the program Bill Misiewicz helped wrap up the show-give it a listen

For the entire show click the player below.


Candidates For Clinton County Auditor

If you missed the conversation with candidates for Clinton County Auditor- Democrat Eric Van Lancker (D)(I) and Laura Kauffman (R) you can here it here

(l-r) Laura Kauffman and Eric Van Lancker (click image to see full size)

(l-r) Laura Kauffman and Eric Van Lancker (click image to see full size)

‘Read more’ for the remaining schedule of candidate conversations

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Iowa House District 98 Candidate Conversation

Hear the the candidates for the Clinton area Iowa House seat – DEMOCRAT MARY WOLFE (the incumbent) AND REPUBLICAN JEANNINE ELDRENKAMP in this on-air conversation

(l-r) Jeanine

(l-r) Jeanine Eldrenkamp, Mary Wolfe (click to enlarge image)

Read more the remainder of the schedule of candidate conversations

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Tentative schedule of governmental meetings this week

The County Board, School Board and City Council meet this week. » Read more..

Predicting the weather

WQAD TV8 Meteorologist Eric Sorensen discusses predicting the weather, climate change and more in this conversation heard on-the-air.  If you missed the program you can listen to the entire program

Eric Sorensen is tentatively planning a visit to Clinton on October 12th-in the mid-late morning.  Tune in or check back for details and you can visit with face-to-face.

Clinton Police Department uses social media to post about local sighting of ‘crazy clown prank’ see their complete statement

The Clinton Police Department has received several calls reference the “crazy clown” or “killer clown” prank. This prank has alarmed many citizens and few can find the humor in the clowns actions. ‘Read more’ to see the complete statement from the CPD » Read more..

Learn about some of the candidates on the ballot

KROS RADIO WILL BE HOSTING CANDIDATE FORUMS FOR THE CONTESTED RACES IN THE ELECTION-‘read more’ for the schedule of on-air forums » Read more..