Prosecutors to wrap up case in slaying of 2 sisters


Trial in the murder of two sisters who are Clinton natives continues in Pittsburgh- ‘ read more’ for a link to one of the stories on the case. » Read more..

Clinton County Sheriff’s Dept. adds new K9 officers

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to their agency. ‘Read more’ for the statement from the department plus pictures of the new officers. » Read more..

Suicide and Cyberbullying

A community discussion was held in Camanche on the issues-‘read more’ to listen to the major presentations of the topics. » Read more..

Clinton Mayor Mark Vulich on FYI

The sale of the unused MTA Trolley & street repairs were a couple of the topics discussed during the show-if you missed it on-the-air you can listen here*press play

Timberlake Playhouse

Learn more about Timberlake Playhouse and the 2016 Summer Theater season in a special interview and pre-season musical revue review » Read more..

Clinton County Engineer wins a national award

TODD J. KINNEY AWARDED NACE 2015 RURAL COUNTY ENGINEER OF THE YEAR-read the official state here:  » Read more..

Study finds increased effort to fight chronic diseases will save lives *link included to the Iowa segment*

via Radio Iowa

A new study suggests the State of Iowa could save tens-of-thousands of lives and billions of dollars if policy makers increased investment in efforts to reduce chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and arthritis. » Read more..