New business open in Fulton


Alternative & Holistic Health is the description used for The Dispensary in Fulton, Illinois for medical cannabis-if you missed it on-the-air learn more about the business in this interview on the FYI Show

Iowa Policy Project report: some families struggle with basic needs

via Radio Iowa

Another report is showing thousands of working Iowans are not making enough money to cover basic needs such as food, housing, health care, and transportation. (links included to the report) » Read more..

Tuesday night into Wednesday storm report

The Tuesday overnight-into Wednesday storms amounted to just under two and a half inches of rain recorded by Clinton area weather observer Jim Blaess. » Read more..

New Pew Center research shows partisans don’t much care for those in other party

The latest data shows there are more than 639,000 registered Republican voters and nearly 611,000 Democrats in Iowa. A new national survey indicates those partisans have a pretty negative view of people who’re in the opposing party. » Read more..

Tentative schedule of governmental meetings this week

The week may start with a holiday-but there are some governmental meetings during the week. » Read more..

Go Red For Women Luncheon

The American Heart Association event promotes heart health for women-learn more about the Clinton event in this interview-if you missed the show on the air.


A Bit Warmer than Normal for June

June was a little warmer than normal with more rain than usual. » Read more..