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Clinton Area Showboat Theater


Artistic Director Mathew Teague-Miller announces the 2015 CAST summer season on KROS this morning in this interview-give it a listen if you missed it on the air:

Meet the new Clinton Area Showboat Theater Artistic Director

Mathew Teague-Miller is the new head of CAST and we visited with him today and you can learn more in this interview, if you missed it on-the-air

In a later interview the new Showboat Artistic Director revealed the 2015 summer season

New Artistic Director named for Clinton Area Showboat Theater (including information on comments)

There will be a change at the helm of the Clinton Area Showboat Theater.

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Clinton Area Showboat Theater

CAST is opening the “Wizard Of Oz”


(l-r) Laurie Lewis, Carly Ann Berg, Robert Rice, Robert Rice & Tommy Iafrate

Clinton Area Showboat Theater opens with ‘The Taffetas’

Director of the show Brian Cowing plus actors Carley Ann Berg and Sarah Randall plus musical director Perry Morgan were on-the-air this morning with Dave Vickers.

Taffetas a

(l-r) Sarah Randall, Perry Morgan, Carley Ann Berg, Brian Cowing